• NIH Pain Consortium: Clinical Phased Grant Mechanisms

    The next NIH Pain Consortium webinar in our series on NIH grant mechanisms in pain research across career stages (training, transition and independent stages) will be held on October 14th, 2021, from 3:00pm-4:15 (U.S. Eastern time), and will focus on Clinical Phased Grant Mechanisms.  The goal of this session is to 1) provide an overview of funding mechanisms that require reaching milestones in the first phase of clinical research before a second phase is awarded, and 2) cooperative agreements between researchers and NIH in specified clinical research area. The presentation will also navigate through the process of finding accurate & updated information on funding opportunities, policies, NIH Institution/Center-specific program requirements, and on how & when to contact and communicate with NIH program officials.

    Primary Target Audience: 1) Those pursuing innovative/exploratory/developmental research in pain  2) Those pursuing mechanistic, effectiveness, or pragmatic studies in clinical pain research.

    There is no cost for these webinars, but attendees must register in advance. The link to register can be found here. You may choose to register for any one of the sessions at this time, but we will also send out reminders as each one approaches.

    The webinars will be recorded and after each one concludes it will be posted on the NIH Pain Consortium Website  for those who are unable to participate live and for future reference.

    If you have any questions about these webinars, please feel free to contact one of the program directors listed below. We look forward to your participation.


    Inna Belfer, PhD
    Program Director, NCCIH (

    DP Mohapatra, PhD
    Program Director, NINDS (

    Laura Wandner, PhD
    Program Director, NINDS (

    Webinar Title

    Date of the Webinar

    Clinical Phased Mechanisms


    NIH staff roles in the process and high-level overview of before and after grant submission

    December 9th

    Preparing/writing the application/submitting the grant

    January 13th

    How to build a budget

    February 10th

    Programs to support technology development

    March 10th