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    My name is Santiago Romo Rodríguez, Im from Ecuador. I'm a 3rd year resident of anesthesiology and my plan is to do a Regional Anesthesia fellowship. I am excited to get involved with ASRA and im looking forward to meet you all soon. Regards Santiago ...

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    I am aware of cryoanalgesia for Intercostal nerves and genicular nerves. Any one with experience treating mixed nerve chronic neuralgia? I have a patient who will need superficial peroneal nerve and tibial cryoanalgesia and another who needs pudendal ...

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    We did >900 Arthroplasties last year in our ASC, almost 100% w Spinal using Mepivacaine 30-60 mg. Average PACU arrival to Discharge time= 2 hour-10 minutes. They ambulate and do stairs with PT and urinate prior to discharge. We discharged 1 with a foley ...

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    Hi Walter, We often utilize spinal anesthesia for same-day arthroplasty. Our criteria are the same as regular pacu discharge criteria, plus the ability to ambulate and urinate. If arthroplasty is being considered, it would also be important to have the ...


  • NIH Pain Consortium: Grant Mechanism Webinar Series

    We are reaching out to announce that the NIH Pain Consortium has developed a webinar series on NIH grant mechanisms in pain research across career stages (training, transition and independent stages). The first webinar will be held on April 8, 2021, ... More


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