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  • At times patients receive good, but insufficient pain relief from the highest dose of buprenorphine approved for pain ( Belbuca 900 mcg/hr q12h). Suboxone/Subutex would be ideal for such patients. However, they are approved only for Opioid Use Disorder, ...

  • Agree. This is something we all face on an almost daily basis. Referring physicians while meaning well, often do not fully comprehend what we do and the limitations we face and send patients to us with unrealistic expectations. Patients may expect procedures ...

  • I am sure many of you have experienced a disconnect between patient's expectation of getting a procedure for their chronic pain, and your recommendation of not performing a procedure. Here some reflections for health care professionals and patients. ...

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Alexandra Sideris, PhD

This month’s ASRA Pain Medicine Member Spotlight shines on Dr. Alexandra Sideris from the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Dr. Sideris joined HSS in 2018 as a research associate. In 2019, she was promoted to assistant director of research. In 2021, after an extensive search, Dr. Sideris was chosen as the first C.V. Starr Director of Pain Research (a position affiliated with an endowed chair in pain research).

Dr. Sideris’s doctoral degree is in basic neuroscience where she studied the endocannabinoid system in the spinal cord. She studied neurobiology of pain in animal models of neuropathic pain during her postdoctoral studies in the anesthesiology department at NYU Langone Medical Center.

According to her nominator, Mary Hargett, “It would not be possible to list all of Dr. Sideris' accomplishments prior to joining HSS and while at HSS, so I will just mention a few: creation of registries in pain and basivertebral nerve ablation; design, implementation, and participation in myriad studies including opioid prescribing patterns and refill rates before and after institutional policy changes and cannabinoid use in myelomalacia; 18 peer-reviewed publications; 2 book chapters; and multiple abstracts and presentations at several society meetings including the ASA and ASRA Pain Medicine.”

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