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    Yes, Dr. Bansal. I like supra-inguinal FI for HIP. The deep circumflex artery is one of landmark I always look for. But, you may not be able to locate it for all of your patients. " Bow tie" sign is reliable enough. Jeff L. Xu, M.D. Division of Regional ...

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    Good Morning Asra Community! I'm very much interested to learn whether anyone has seriously explored peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) for chronic pain? I recently took a course on a PNS device and can see the greatest application (on my patients) ...

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    I love the fascia iliaca block for hip surgeries as well as lateral upper leg incisions. I find it phenomenal. Actually Ed pointed out this block to me 5 years ago as an alternative to the lumbar plexus which was the rage then. My only comment is ...

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