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    I have used the Butterfly IQ for PECS, TAPS, and Erector Spinae blocks using Pajunk echogenic needles with good visualization. You may need to adjust your setting from Musculoskeletal to either Nerve or Abdomen depending on injection site and patient ...

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    Thank you all for the great responses! Makes sense that an echogenic needle would be best to use. I guess I was trying to see if I could save money by just using regular spinal needles, but maybe the price difference is not as bad as I think. It would ...

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    This is a response from Dr. Clinton Thome, who does many US guided injections using the Butterfly IQ in our clinic: “It is definitely more finicky than other ultrasound probes I have used. I've been able to achieve good needle visualization with both ...

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    Hi, I have used it for intercostal nerve blocks and serratus plane blocks, cervical facet joint injection, caudal epidural and sacro iliaque joint injections. I use it with Pajunk echogenic needles both in and out of plane except for my caudal epidurals ...

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