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    The question isn't so much, "Is this appropriate to be done in an ASC?" But, "Should this pt w BMI>40 even have an arthroplasty. Infection, revision and poor alignment increase significantly with BMI > 40. Our better Joint Surgeons will not do them ...

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    Eric, You raise some interesting questions regarding suitable candidates for outpatient total joint replacement. Obesity alone would not necessarily constitute an absolute contraindication for outpatient surgery unless it was excessive or associated ...

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    Eric, I totally understand your dilemma. Not all 40 BMI plus patients are the same I would set some mutually agreed upon criteria with surgeons for pts with 40 Plus BMI like airway, OSA, ASA status etc etc and try some patients and see how ...

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    We have been running a successful total joint program in several freestanding ASCs around Maryland. One of our exclusion criteria has been a BMI > 40 as it is associated with a higher complication rate and we worry about the ability of home caregivers ...


Member Spotlight


William Manson, MD

It is our pleasure to highlight ASRA’s November Member Spotlight, Dr. William Manson.

Dr. Manson is an attending anesthesiologist at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville, VA, where he is the medical director of the preoperative clinic.

Dr. Manson received his medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. He initially completed a residency in emergency medicine (EM) in NY followed by a fellowship in emergency ultrasound at Yale University. After completing his EM training, he worked as an attending EM physician. He subsequently completed a residency in anesthesiology at UT Southwestern and a fellowship in regional anesthesia at UVA. He stayed on as faculty at UVA following his regional fellowship.

Nominator Dr. Lynn Kohan, interim director of the pain division, has known Dr. Manson since 2016 when he was doing his regional fellowship. “Dr. Manson is an experienced physician who brings a unique set of skills to UVA. He is truly deserving of this award.”

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