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    iv lidocaine

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    Hello: I am interested what protocol others use for iv lidocaine, as part of TIVA anesthetic or even iv lidocaine with inhalational technique. What type of tubing used for TIVA? Doses, bolus then infusion. Thank You. Mike Johnson ------------------------------ ...

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    I have the video of the PNS implant on the BKA patient, will get the written release to use on ASRA Next week. In the mean time, please find attached a video of the PNS on a patient (release obtained) with foot drop and common peroneal neuralgia. https://spark.adobe.com/video/p2Qv24d3IBil9 ...

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    Good to see a post on PNS. So I have actually placed PNS for 1. Post Amputation pain 2. Common Peroneal Neuralgia 3. Ilioinguinal neuralgia (post herniorrhaphy pain) and will be placing one for anterior suprascapular and intercostal in the near future. ...

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    Rishi, I am glad that you started this thread. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation, I believe is the best option for Phantom Pain/Post Amputation Pain. Just have to place a lead next to the femoral and sciatic nerve (ultrasound guided). I currently am the only ...

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